About IRCM

Our Mission

Founded by Kiu Caracani in 2008, IRCM (International Group of Researchers and Development for Complementary Medicine ) is an association of professionals dedicated to the cause of promoting Complementary Medicine.

Two groups, one based in Oxford, England and the other in Switzerland, Lausanne form the core IRCM team.

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Our Philosophy

Despite complementary medicine being popular and known and accepted by people, research news in this field is not readily accessible to public- though research only helps validate our ancestral knowledge of certain plants or preparations. It also helps us find alternate/complementary solutions where classical medicine faces a challenge.

More globally, research on complementary medicine helps it acquire a complete form and role alongside allopathic medicine. These two kinds of medicine finally have the same goal – cure human beings and help prevent diseases.

We work keeping this in mind. Long before 2008, the Anglo-Swiss research group has been particularly concentrating on Alzheimer’s disease.

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IRCM has a variety of projects running through out the year and they include talks and website updates. All these projects are aimed to increase awareness of the benefits in using Complementary Medicine for the treatment and prevention of illnesses.


The Alternative Brain Magazine is one of our new projects. This magazine will provide you with useful information about how Complementary Medicine can help patients with cancer, Alzheimer and other degenerative diseases.

Our aim is to provide our users with the up-to-date information and help them increase their knowledge in regards to Complementary Medicine.


We are developing a new project which will involve providing online consultations on different type of diseases. Our advice will focus on the use of Complementary Medicine with your current treatment (after consulting your doctor). We will have consultants with different expertise, including Cancer and Alzheimer disease.

If you are interested in theses services, please join our email list and we will be in touch.

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